HANÁ regionální produkt®

Region: Haná

Brand in region Haná was founded in 2009. Currently, the brand HANÁ regionální produkt® is given by LAG Moravská cesta (Moravian way). It has become a regional coordinator of the brand in 2011. Its task is to manage the brand, providing promotional activities related to regional branding and interact with the brand holders as well as potential new applicants. People buying local products with regional brand have confidence that the product really comes from region Haná. The brand also guarantees uniqueness, quality and environmental friendliness of products. The uniqueness of the product is considered by a tradition of production, the share of local raw material and handicrafts, the specificity for the region and whether it is high-quality product. Brand brings promotion of the producers in the region and also outside of the region via addition of the producers inside printed materials and their participation in promotion actions. The brand encourages cooperation among actors in the region.

The authentic products from the region Haná:

Folk costumes
Wooden products
Textile products
Desserts from curd cheese


MAS Moravská cesta (Litovelsko-Pomoraví), o.s.

Svatoplukova 16
784 01 Červenka
Czech Republic

Julie Zendulková


Co-financed from the European Social Fund and the State Budget of the Czech Republic Spolufinancováno z Evropského sociálního fondu a státního rozpočtu ČR