BESKYDY original product

Region: Beskydy

Branding of local products has run over in the region Beskydy since January 2006. The brand was created within the project "Natura 2000 - people to nature, nature to people", funded by the European Commission.

Brand BESKYDY original product promotes handicraft, food, and agricultural products that originate from the Beskydy Mountains. Brand guarantees the origin and uniqueness of a product and also a guarantee of its quality and environmental friendliness.

Branding of local products carried in the tourist area of ​​Beskydy-Wallachia, which include not only the Beskydy Mountains, but also the broader surround with larger cities like Valašské Meziříčí, Vsetin, Novy Jicin, Frydek-Mistek, etc. The core region is, of course, protected landscape area Beskydy with preserved wildlife, which has also become a reason for inclusion of the area to European network of protected areas Natura 2000.

Catalogue of certified products (in Czech language only)


Asociace regionálních značek, z.s. (Association of Regional Brands, c.a., ARZ)

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