European Territorial Quality Mark

Region: Spain, France, Italy, Greece
Country: SPAIN

Rural Quality is the common European brand of rural territories that already have their own territorial brands and identities, and their work is based on social and environmental values of their products and services. 

The companies and entities that make up this brand work and cooperate to make rural development fair and environmentally sustainable and to enhance solidarity. It is about a new concept of quality that connects 23 territories in Spain, France, Italy and Greece. It was formalized in September 2007 with the creation of the European Territorial Quality Mark, owner of the Rural Quality brand. Rural Quality is the “brand of brands” of territories that share social responsibility. Rural Quality covers a wide range of industries in rural areas, ranging from agriculture and food, tourism, handicraft to culture and heritage.

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Asociación de la Marca de Calidad Territorial Europea



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