Locally Produced

Region: Hadrian's Wall Country

Within Hadrian’s Wall Country you’ll discover that locally produced means that the local people have made their products with care and pride. Pure craftsmanship and quality shines from produce that ranges from cheese to ceramics. For some it’s about tradition and the Roman legacy, for others it’s about producing excellent and innovative goods.

Farm shops give the chance to sample in-season fresh foods: local and rare breed meats, homemade cakes and scones. Many have yummy tearooms attached for sampling there and then. Smoked fish and game, speciality cakes and bread, local fruit and vegetables, ready-prepared meals – to be honest, there’s not much you can’t get at farms, shops, delis, restaurants and cafes across Hadrian’s Wall Country.

It’s really surprising, too, to see just how wide the range of Arts and Crafts is. Local galleries and artists’ studios can offer fine art, photography, ceramics, glass, sculpture, papercrafts, textiles and jewellery.

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