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When history helps to build the future


Hadrian’s Wall is one of the World’s largest World Heritage Sites and Britain’s longest, largest, perhaps greatest, piece of heritage. Nevertheless Hadrian’s Wall Country stretches much further than just the extent of Roman occupation.


Why Hadrian’s Wall Heritage?

Hadrian’s Wall corridor is complex; sites were carrying out individual development and marketing.  Hadrian’s Wall Heritage is now bringing this all together, and co-ordinates events and the marketing message of Hadrian’s Wall Country as a destination wall-wide.

Our Vision:

To realise the potential of the World Heritage Site to contribute to the economic, environmental and social benefit of the communities and landscapes through which the WHS passes and to the whole of the north of England through sustainable tourism development

Hadrian’s Wall corridor is a working landscape; we work with businesses, landowners and communities to realise the potential the World Heritage Site can achieve.

Our Aims:

  • Maintain & develop reputation of Hadrian’s Wall as an example of best practice in WHS management
  • Improve the WHS offer to visitors & local communities and become an example of best practice in sustainable tourism development
  • Establish Hadrian’s Wall as a world class tourism destination

Our Approach:

  • Wall-wide, holistic, joined-up, focused
  • Balancing leadership, partnership, co-ordination, facilitation

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